Creating A Garden For An Artist

If you are an artist then you will know how important it is to inhabit beautiful, vibrant and interesting places. The places that you choose to spend time will have a large impact on who you are as a person, how you feel and of course, how you create. Almost anyone has an artist in them somewhere, perhaps just waiting for the right setting to come out. Whether you are already an artist or feel like getting those creative juices flowing, here are some tips to help you create the perfect garden for an artist:

TulipsA Garden that Inspires Creativity

An artist should never follow fashions. Throw out the rule book and make your own rules to design a garden that you truly love. The unexpected has the ability to delight and entertain and a whimsical or unusual garden can be perfect for inspiring those artworks. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to art and to gardens. Make sure you let out your artistic creativity both when designing your garden and when you plant it up – an artists garden should always surprise and entertain – offering something a little out of the ordinary that elevates the garden itself to a work of art.

Junk garden, permacultureA Garden that Nurtures and Nourishes

Many of the best artworks, and gardens, have some sort of a message – an underlying depth that makes them into something more than just something pretty to look at. The very best gardens offer more than just pleasant vistas and appealing plants. A garden can truly change lives. Using our gardens to their fullest is one of the very best ways to live better, more fulfilled, ethical and healthy lives. An artist can truly create their best work in a garden that also offers them so much more than just a place to enjoy. Grow your own food and nurture wildlife entering the space and the happy ecosystem will look and feel so much better and could inspire you to create a masterpiece.

An art studioA Space to Create Art

Of course, practically speaking, an artists garden should offer charming outdoors spaces and ideally, a garden building with a roof that can be used as a studio or art space. A simple summerhouse or garden shed can be built or customised to create the perfect space for creative endeavour – a chance to escape the confines of the home and all its distractions and truly to give yourself to whatever it is that you are creating. Remember to consider the views from the window or windows of whatever building you create – think about whether you can create 'framed' views from key angles.