Creating a Soundscape in Your Garden

Many gardeners spend hour after hour thinking about and planning how their garden should look. A number also consider the fragrances that will fill their garden. Fewer take the time to think about how it should sound. But creating a soundscape in your garden will elevate your efforts to the next level. The right soundscape can make your garden an even more relaxing and peaceful place. Here are some of the sounds that could make up your soundscape:

Song thrushBirdsong

Birds are one of the most pleasing sounds to hear in your garden, not least because you know that your garden is acting as a wildlife haven, with food for the birds, a place for them to bathe and plenty of undergrowth and nesting places for when they want them. You can have some fun trying to identify the birdsong that you can hear at different times during the day, and working out which birds live within your soundscape.

trees in windPsithurism

Whether on a wild day or in a gentle summer breeze, the sound of the leaves in the trees rustling and shifting can be a wonderfully soothing noise. Trees in your garden will not only add to the visual appeal of your space, they will also create a soft and soothing melody for your garden as well. Take some time to listen to the trees – see what they have to say.


Trees are not the only plants in your garden that will contribute to your soundscape when they move and mingle in the wind. Pay attention to the gentle murmuring of grasses and delicate perennials, and think about where plants are placed in terms of how they will be moved by the winds or breezes. These low background sounds may not always be apparent, but they create a backdrop for your soundscape that helps it to feel tranquil and natural and helps you feel at home.

Wind chimesWind Chimes

It is not only natural sounds, of course, that could contribute to a lovely feel in your garden. If you felt so inclined, you could choose (or make) some melodic wind chimes, to relax you when you sit outside in summer. Quiet wind chimes can add to the charm of a garden – just make sure they are not too loud otherwise you might disturb your neighbours.


Water can also be used by the gardener to great effect in a garden soundscape. Copper rain chains can sound delightful as well as transporting the rainwater from your roof to a container within which it can be stored. Of course a fountain, waterfall or other garden water feature can also create lovely soothing sounds. Consider solar powered options to be more eco-friendly.