Creating a Work Space in Your Garden

Home office

More and more people are deciding to quit the office job and the boring, 9-5 grind and are choosing to work from home. Some enjoy flexible work situations with companies that could be based anywhere in the world, while others are self employed – some even set up their own companies. Whether you just want a little more freedom and flexibility when it comes to how and when you work, or are a fully fledged entrepreneur, creating a work space in your garden could be the perfect way to make it happen.

Cluttered home officeThere are many jobs that are well suited to remote working, at least a few days a week. But for many, working inside the home may be too difficult. For one, there are endless temptations to do other things in your leisure space – for another, space is at a premium in many homes. For those with children and without a dedicated office space in the home – forget it! Working inside the home just won't work for many people. But that does not mean that you cannot work from home – your garden could just offer a solution to your problems.

A garden should be a space that you can make your own. It should be for fun, recreation, relaxation and ideally, it should help to feed you and your family too. Now, more and more gardens are also becoming places to work, as well as to play.

Arts and Crafts Garden shed Of course, we cannot rely on the weather frequently enough to be able to work outside for much of the year without a roof over our heads. This is where careful design comes into play. Of course you will need to consider your own personal needs, as well as the kind of work you will be doing. You will have to consider how best to use the space available to you and what you need to make it happen and to fulfil your dream of an ideal home office in your garden.

Garden shedA customised garden shed or another utility garden building can offer far more than just a place to store a lawn mower, garden tools and perhaps your bikes. By customising even a basic garden shed, you could end up with a functional and comfortable place to work throughout the year. If you install solar panels on the building, or consider other forms of renewable energy in your garden, you may even be able to heat and light the space for free year round. That could be a very sensible investment and the initial outlay, for the building, its contents and power generation, may be less money than you might imagine.

When placing your garden building, it is important to think not only about how it looks from your house or seating areas in your garden but also the view you get from the window over the garden. Make sure you plant a garden that is diverse, beautiful and useful and it will surely be a wonderful place to while away the hours, whether you are working or having fun... or both.