Daisy (Ox-eye)

There are many members of the daisy family and many of those are popular low-maintenance plants for gardens. The ox-eye daisy is one of the most popular and is a great addition to any wildlife or informal garden design.

Growing daisies:

Ox-eye daisies are perennials that will do very well and endure year after year when given the right growing conditions. These daisies will suit most gardens as they are able to grow in sun or partial shade and can thrive in a location with any aspect. Ox-eye daisies are a native meadow flower and would traditionally grow in the wild on loamy soils, so it is in such rich, moist but well draining loamy soils that they will be at their abundant best. They will however also tolerate a wide range of different soil types.

Ox-eye daisies can grow quite tall and yet will cope with rather exposed sites as well as sheltered ones, though if you want a tall display then you may have to stake them or give them some support in a particularly exposed location.

You can plant ox-eye daisies in a low-maintenance border or if you wish you could plant them in a meadow-like lawn, where they can survive being mown back in the autumn each year and should return in colourful clumps to enliven a patch of wild meadow every year.

Daisies can be planted as individual plants in a border or cut in within the turf, or you could remove a section of turf and scatter seeds, which germinate quite readily. The flowers will create their wonderful display in around June or July, depending on your location.

You should deadhead the daisies regularly to prolong the display and it is good practice, wherever the daisies are located, to cut the stems down to the ground before the winter kicks in.

Why grow daisies in the garden?

We have sadly lost almost all of our traditional meadow land and this is very much an endangered habitat, meaning that meadow wildlife is also under strain. By planting natural, local, meadow plants in our gardens, we can give a helping hand to our traditional meadow insects and other wildlife.

Daisies with their vibrant yellow faces and pure white petals are a very cheerful addition to an informal garden and are also a great choice for anyone who is looking for garden plants that do not need too much care and attention. They will look delightful in a meadow setting or in a border for a cheerful and contemporary cottage garden look.

Quick Facts

Latin Name
Leucanthemum vulgare