Eco DIY Ideas For a New Patio or Seating Area

Making a new patio or raised seating area can cost a lot of money – the good news is that it does not have to. A rustic, informal yet beautiful patio or seating area can be created simply and for next to nothing when you are prepared to embrace alternative, eco-friendly, DIY patio ideas for your garden space. Here are a few ideas for your DIY patio or seating area:

Wood pallets patioWood Pallets or other Reclaimed Wood

One of the easiest ways to make a new slightly raised patio area is simply to level the ground and lay down old, reclaimed wooden pallets to make the base. This patio might not last forever but it can survive for a good number of years, especially if you have treated the wood with an eco-friendly oil before placing it outside. If you would like to make the surface less slippery in wet weather then consider coating it with a mix of sand or grit and wax, paint or other eco-friendly outdoor treatment.

Milk crates

Reclaimed Milk Crates

Another way to make a cheap and cheerful raised patio or seating area is with old plastic crates. You could cover them with reclaimed wood, board, or whatever else you might have to hand, or leave them uncovered for a quirky, brightly coloured modern look that could look amazing when planted up with a vibrant and relaxed planting scheme. As with wooden pallets, you can also use milk crates to make the seats and other furniture for you to place on your patio, as well as the growing areas to surround it.

Tile MosaicBroken Tile Mosaic

One of the simplest but most beautiful ways to make a hard standing area for your garden seating is to create your patio using broken tiles or paving slabs. You are likely to be able to pick up broken slabs or tiles for nothing, or at least for a fraction of the cost of new paving. But with broken pieces, considered rubbish by others, you could create a beautiful work of art, like a Roman mosaic for the modern day, or simply a contemporary geometric design. Some of the most beautiful patios and seating areas you will find are made from things other people might just throw away.