Five Garden Projects To Do With Kids During The School Holidays

July is a great month for spending time in the garden with your kids. If you have already been doing some gardening over the last few months then this is the satisfying time of year when a lot of that hard work begins to pay off. You and your kids can wander the garden, grazing happily on a range of vegetables, soft fruits and flowers. It is really important that the younger generations learn to love the garden and the natural environment. Do your part by encouraging them to get out there and showing them some of the fascinating things that can be seen and heard in the area where you live. Whether you have a large garden or a small one, here are five cool garden projects you might like to try during the school holidays:

PondMake a Wildlife Pond

Digging the pond will be a great way to tire out little tearaways and it will also be a great way to attract wildlife to your garden. Fish, frogs, or newts, whatever ends up in your pond, little children will surely be fascinated to see any aquatic creatures that come to make your pond their home.

Strawberry wallConstruct a Vertical Strawberry Garden

You can construct a vertical garden from a range of different materials. This month, why not make one from a wooden pallet and/or whatever other waste materials come to hand? You can use that vertical garden to house the new strawberry plants that you can get from corralling the runners from your strawberry patch. Of course a vertical garden can also hold a range of other herbs, flowers and salads.

Welly GardenMake An Old-Welly Garden

You can make a garden in just about anything. Why not stop some of your kids old welly boots from going to landfill by using them to create a fun little garden. Make some holes in the old wellies and you can use them (and of course a wide range of other recycled objects and household refuse) to create a cute addition to a container garden. Just remember to make some holes in them so the plants in them do not get waterlogged.

Stone LadybirdPaint Stones To Act As Markers In the Garden

Markers are a good idea in any garden. You need to know what you have sowed where, of course, and it can also help you keep on top of crop rotation. The kids can help you make some whimsical markers for your vegetable patch using stones they have found and some paints. They can find a strawberry shaped stone and make a strawberry, paint a point stone like a carrot, paint a pebble to look like a ladybird etc... The kids will spend time outdoors, be creative and learn about vegetables.

Compost WormsStart a Wormery and Make Some Compost

Lots of little kids like yucky things like wiggly worms! Get them enthused about good garden maintenance and compost creation by making or buying a wormery. Put the worms to work to turn your household food waste and cardboard into a valuable compost. This is a great opportunity to chat to kids about the cycles in nature and the importance of keeping them running smoothly.