Good Edible Plants For Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can help you make the most of your growing space. They can simply be filled with flowers for beautiful displays, but to really make the most of your garden, why not consider growing edible plants in your hanging baskets? Edible crops can also be beautiful, but have the added bonus that they will also give you something to eat.

Tomato hanging basketCherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are one of the edible crops that is commonly grown in hanging baskets and there are many varieties that are ideally suited for this growing environment. While, as with any hanging basket, it will be essential to feed and water well throughout the season, picking tomatoes straight from the vine can be a big reward for your efforts. What is more, growing crops up off the ground can help reduce the incidence of some pest problems.

Chilli PlantChilli Peppers

Chilli peppers are another crop that can be grown in hanging baskets. There are many varieties of chilli to choose from and however fiery you want your chilli peppers to be, there will be plenty of varieties ideally suited to basket growing. Colourful chilli peppers can look as good as they taste and can be an attractive as well as a practical option.

Strawberries in basketStrawberries

This favourite is a staple of hanging basket growing and there are trailing varieties that will look stunning in a sunny setting. Hanging strawberries off the ground may attract some birds, but your crop will likely be free of any slug damage. Place hanging baskets with strawberries near a door or window and you will be treated to the delightful smell as the fruits ripen.

PeaDwarf Peas

Small pea plants hanging down from a well-arranged basket can also look great, both at the flowering and the podding stages. Be sure to pick your peas little and often to prolong the harvest and make the most of your delicious crop. Eat peas as soon as possible after you pick them to taste them at their very best.

Nasturtiums hanging basketNasturtiums

A more traditional hanging basket choice, nasturtiums offer more than just a pretty, floral display. These abundantly flowing plants can provide plenty of leaves and flowers that can be eaten in summer salads. Picking the flowers regularly will also help make sure that you get a display that lasts. Then, when the plant goes to seed, those seeds can be used in the same way as capers.