Great Flower Choices For July Cutting

If you have a thriving flower garden then July will be a time when you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to flowers for cutting. The garden will be a riot of colour and there are plenty of blooms perfect for indoors floral displays. Here are just a few of the many great flower choices for July cutting:


Everyone should have some marigolds in their garden. They are beautiful, relatively easy to grow and are not only great companion plants and wonderful for pest control throughout the garden, they can also make lovely cut flowers too.


The dramatic blooms of Amaranthus will bloom between July and September. They can be great as statement pieces in indoors displays and they will also tend to dry well for later use.


Pretty little dianthus blooms are perfect for small posies. Dainty, fragrant and colourful, they can be great for adorning your dining table or for placing on a windowsill somewhere in your home.


A spineless variety of Carthamus is great for use as cut flowers, which can be used either fresh or dried in vibrant displays. These bold blooms can draw the eye and fill out a dramatic display.


Celosia's fiery flower heads are perfect for bold and beautiful displays that really capture the warmth and vibrancy of the summer season. In bloom throughout the summer, these are a great addition to a cut flower border.


Cheerful and varied, these blooms can give some height to any floral display and give a pretty sense of drama to any indoors arrangements as well as to a bed or border throughout the summer.


Gazania's bold flowers are a brilliant focal bloom for any arrangement. Lively, vibrant and mood-boosting, these blooms can add cheer to flower displays in your home.


In bloom throughout the summer, Linaria has brightly coloured flowers that resemble little snapdragons. It is easy to grow and could be a staple for summer bouquets and posies.


Rubeckia's lovely daisy-like flowers are pretty and long lasting, the perfect plant for colourful borders and for cut flowers to bring inside your home as focal blooms for a variety of displays.