Great Flower Choices For June Cutting

While some of us concentrate on growing food in our gardens, others turn their attention to a different sort of yield. Growing flowers for cutting is a great thing to do if you want to bring your garden into your home. June is a great month for cut flowers and there are lots of choices for those interested in bringing colour and scent into their houses. Of course growing flowers for cutting will also ensure that your garden has visual appeal and that there are plenty of blooms about for pollinating insects. Some flowers are better for cutting than others. Here are some great flower choices for June cutting:

CentaureaCentaurea (Perennial Cornflower)

Cornflowers are, for good reason, a cottage garden favourite. This perennial variety is great for low maintenance borders, where these purple/blue beauties will bloom in profusion year after year. Their bold flowers and long, wiry stems can add structure and drama to displays over their fairly long blooming period.


Another cottage garden favourite with enduring appeal, aquilegia will give height to your floral displays. The attractive flowers come in all different colours and varieties and the long stems are easy to arrange.


Calendula is a versatile plant, great in mixed borders. This is a good cut flower because it lasts a long time when cut. It also has a long season, usually flowering between May and August. With benefits in the garden and indoors, calendula is a great choice for informal gardens.


Hollyhocks' big and blousy blooms can first appear in June and can enliven the garden right through until August. One of the great things about using hollyhocks as cut flowers is that they will dry well for winter colour as well as being appealing in summer displays.

Sweet WilliamSweet William

This scented flower is yet another cottage garden favourite that will thrive in many gardens. Sweet William will bloom in June/July and is great for floral arrangements, smelling sweet and lasting long when cut.


These lovely, daisy flowers are ideal for informal flowering displays. Their long stems are perfect for cut flower arrangements. Blooming some time between May and June, these are a remnant of the late spring season that are perfect for giving some freshness to summer arrangements.

Sweet PeasSweet Pea

A firm favourite with flower arrangers, sweet peas will seemingly never be out of fashion. These pretty and delicate flowers look wonderful when cut and placed in a vase indoors and the seeds from their plants can easily be saved for the following year.


This frothy flower is sometimes regarded as a little old-fashioned. But there is a reason why the white, lacy flowers have been so often used in floral arrangements. They act as a delicate base that can allow focal flowers to really shine.


The dramatic cone flowers of lupin are perfect for big, bold floral displays. They can give an informal and relaxed yet bold, cottage garden feel to taller arrangements. They come in a range of different colours.


Lavender is perhaps one of the most delightful scents in the garden. Bringing some indoors will fill your home with a delicious smell. Not only does lavender smell lovely, it also dries well and will last a long time when cut and brought inside.