How Pets Could Be Useful In Your Garden

Many of us love to keep pets. They can be a source of fun and can help us to relax. They can help us to control stress and to remain happy and healthy. There are of course many different animals that we can keep as pets, from dogs and cats to rabbits, rodents or even livestock such as chickens, pigs or goats. While we may not need extra incentive to keep animals in our lives, gardeners may like to consider that ways in which different pets could potentially help you in your garden – making organic gardening easier and more effective. Below, learn more about the ways in which pets


could be useful in your garden:

Pets for Pest Control

chickensBoth dogs and cats may be able to help with pest control – perhaps keeping rodents away or even catching them. What is more, the scent left in your garden by these pets may also help to reduce the losses you incur in your vegetable garden or fruit orchard due to deer or rabbits. Of course there are no guarantees and lazy lap dogs and comfortable house cats may not be the best for pest control! Perhaps, instead, these sorts of pets will simply help by keeping you company while you tend your garden. Other pets, like chickens, can eat slugs and other pests from around your growing areas.

RabbitPets for Fertiliser

GoatWhile carnivores' poo should be picked up and disposed of properly, the poo of other household pets could actually be useful in your garden. Rabbits, rodents, chickens, goats and other livestock pets will produce a valuable source of fertiliser to help your plants to grow. Placed on a compost heap to rot well, these can be a great addition to your growing areas – helping to maintain good soil health over the years.

Pet pigPets for Land Management

There are other ways in which certain pets can help manage the land where you live – even on a small scale. Rabbits, for example, kept in an outdoors run, could be used to keep grass short on your lawn. Goats, too, will keep grass short, and prune back bushes for you too. Chickens can scratch over a growing area – aerating and turning the topsoil as well as reducing pests. Pigs can act as natural Rotavators!

These are just some of the ways in which the animals that we keep for fun can help us out in our gardens as well as being good for our mental health. How do your pets help you?