How To Boost Your Confidence in Your Garden

Gardening can be good for you in a range of different ways. But one of the ways in which gardening can be good for you is often overlooked. The thing that many people forget is that creating and maintaining a garden can truly boost your confidence. The more you garden, the more confident you will get – not just in the garden but in all areas of your life. If you are on a journey of self-improvement, here are just a few ideas about how you can boost your confidence in your garden:

Get Some Easy Wins

A great way to get started with boosting your confidence – both as a gardener and in general – is by getting some easy wins! Try growing some of the easiest and quickest plants to grow from seed – loose leaf lettuce, radishes and peas are all excellent choices. Another way to get some easy wins is by choosing and planting one or more fruit trees for your garden. By choosing a larger example, you can sometimes get fruit as soon as the first harvest season after planting. Harvesting those first home-grown fruits and vegetables from your garden can really make you feel great.

Improve Your Identification Skills

Learning the names of all the plants that grow in your garden and the surrounding area, and learning to identify all the wildlife that you can find there can also be a major confidence boost. There is something affirming and reassuring about being able to put names to all the things you see. It can help you to feel more grounded, and more connected to the natural world. And the natural world can be a wellspring of confidence for you to draw from.

Learn Survival & Self-Reliance Skills

As you improve your gardening skill over time, this can help you to feel more confident, as you begin to realise that you are mastering this important survival and self-reliance skill. Learning other survival or self-reliance skills like cooking, food preservation, simple DIY, herbal medicine, etc. can also boost your confidence, as you will know that if something should go wrong, you will have the basic skills that would allow you to survive. The more you can do for yourself, the less you will have to depend on others and the more confident you will feel.

These are just some of the many ways that a garden can help us to boost our confidence. With a garden, the plants are not the only thing that will grow.