How To Save Money When Creating or Improving Your Garden

April is a month when many people's minds turn to gardening and garden centres and plant nurseries do good business as people stock up on plants, tools and garden equipment for the sunnier season ahead. It can be easy for keen gardeners to spend a lot on their outside space but it really isn't necessary to spend much money at all to get a wonderful garden. If you are considering working on your garden this spring, here are some tips to make your budget go as far as possible:

By JenniferGrow From Seed

While some plants are harder to grow from seed, many plants can easily be grown in this way. While buying some plants ready grown is a quick and handy way to fill space in your garden and is a short cut to great looking beds and borders, if you are trying to save money then you should grow as much as you can from seed. Alternatively, for some species, consider asking for and taking cuttings from the gardens of family, friends or neighbours and populating your garden in that way.

Start Your Own Composting

Compost is a necessity for good gardens. Rather than spending a fortune on buying it in, take steps now to begin making your own. It will not be ready right away, but in as little as a few months time, you will have a usable compost that will enrich the soil in your garden and ensure its continued good health. Compostable materials are readily available in homes and gardens – make sure you don't throw money away on something you could be making yourself.By Nancybeetoo

Produce Your Own Plant Feed

Another way to save money on expensive fertilisers and plant feeds is to make your own. Organic mulches will also help to feed your plants. Both feeds and mulches can easily be created in your garden, usually from materials you will already have to hand. Even weeds can have their purpose and they can save you money too.

Use Waste and Reclaimed Materials

By Tutto GiardinaggioAt this time of year, your thoughts may be turning to the creation of new raised beds, patio areas, or landscaping. Before you go out and spend a fortune buying all the materials you need, consider ways in which you can use household rubbish and reclaimed materials to cut down or even completely eliminate the cost of new garden projects.

Get Free or Cheap Gardening Tools

There are certain tools that every gardener needs for their garden. Make sure you are not seduced by all the shiny new tools on offer to buy things that you do not need. Also, before you buy new, consider whether you might be able to pick up tools and other items for your garden second hand. People give away old tools all the time and often these are perfectly serviceable. Check with family or friends to see if they have anything they no longer need. You can also often use online exchange sites to pick up some bargains or even get everything you need free of charge. Why spend money on tools when you can save it to spend on seeds and beautiful plants for your garden?