How To Tell When Common Fruits Are Ready To Harvest

ApplesWhen to Harvest Apples

Depending on the variety, (and the weather on a given year) apples can be ready to harvest any time between August and November. Some apples will ripen to red, while others will remain green. So how can you tell when the fruits are ready to harvest? When you believe the apples may be almost ripe, at which time you may notice some fruits falling from the tree, gently cup fruits in your palm and give a gentle twist. Ripe fruits will come away easily. If you have to give them a tug then they may not have quite reached maturity.

pearsWhen to Harvest Pears

Pears are harvested while they are still firm and them allowed to ripen off the tree. The best way to determine whether pears are approaching ripeness is to taste one for texture, juiciness and flavour. As with apples, the time when pears will be ripe will depend on the variety or varieties which you are growing, though pears are generally ready to harvest around October.

PlumsWhen to Harvest Plums

Plums are generally harvested between August and October. Again, harvest time will depend on the variety or varieties being grown and there can also be a lot of variation depending on the weather that has been experienced in a given year. When there has been a warm, sunny summer, plums will generally ripen much sooner than when the summer has been chilly and wet. Plums are best left to ripen on the tree for best flavour and are ready to harvest when the skin is soft to the touch.

RaspberriesWhen to Harvest Raspberries

Raspberries come in both summer and autumn varieties. Some will ripen in July/August and others in September/October. It will be easy to see and feel when raspberries are ready to harvest. They will have a rich colour (usually red but sometimes yellow etc..) and will easily slip from the rasps. Often, a clue that raspberries are ready will be the interest of birds – who will quickly harvest the fruits that you don't get to in time!

BlackberriesWhen to Harvest Blackberries

Blackberries are generally ready to harvest in August and September, though may be ready as early as July or as late as October in an exceptional year. Blackberries are ready to harvest when they are plump and glossy. Tasting fruits will tell you if they have developed enough sweetness, as under ripe berries will tend to be sour.

The pointers above should help you to pick your fruit harvests when they are at their best. The only thing that remains is to decide what you will do with the bounty.