How To Use Reclaimed Metal in Your Garden

There are many different ways to make use of natural resources like wood, stone and clay in your garden. But making use of natural resources also means using natural materials that have already been used, but which have reached the end of their utility with regard to their original purpose. Reclaiming old metal items is one way to make sure that metal is used to its fullest purpose, and to prevent such items from ending up in landfill. Here are a few ideas to inspire you to use reclaimed metal in your garden:

Metal gardenUse Old Metal Wire For Framing, Supports & Sculptures

Metal wire can often be reused to support cordoned plants, or as structure for fanned or espaliered fruit trees. Old metal mesh or chicken wire can often be repurposed to make trellises and supports for a range of plants, or to create shelving that allows sun and water through while allowing you to make the most of the vertical space. Old metal wire and fencing can also be used to create artistic sculptures and for other ornamental projects for your garden.

Metal trough planterUse Old Metal Troughs or Containers as Raised Beds

Old metal troughs and other larger metal containers can often be used to create raised beds, or in a container garden. By drilling a few holes in the base of large metal containers to allow for adequate drainage, these can become a valuable growing space and can also add rustic or industrial charm to a garden.

tin cansUse Old Metal Kitchenware or Tin Cans as Planters

On a smaller scale, you can also make use of smaller metal containers to grow certain plants. Consider making use of old metal pots and pans, colanders or other kitchen ware that is no longer any good for use in the kitchen to grow more plants. You may also be able to reduce the waste you generate by recycling tin cans as planters for your home or garden.

Strip Copper Electrical Wires for Use as Slug Barriers

copper wire garden ornamentIf you have a lot of copper electrical wire lying around, why not consider stripping that copper wire and using it wound around plant pots. Some gardeners have found that copper wire is efficacious in the fight against slugs, as it creates a barrier that they do not like to cross. Copper wire is a beautiful colour, and can also look nice in ornamental features around your outside space.

rusty metal garden ornamentUse Rusted Metal Pieces for Ornamental Features

Metal need not be in good repair to find a place in your garden. Some garden designers have shown that rusty old pieces of metal – not good for anything else – can look attractive and can enhance the right planting scheme. Rusty metal could be used in water features, as backdrops for certain beds or borders. It can help to bring out the beautiful colours in a garden's plants, and can tie the whole garden together with a cohesive design scheme.