Ideas for a Midsummer Garden Party

Midsummer can be an enchanting time in a garden. Things are growing fast, plenty of flowers are in bloom, the weather can be warm and the days are long. Next weekend we will enjoy the longest day of the year and it could be a wonderful time to enjoy a midsummer garden party. If you are thinking of having some friends or family round to enjoy your garden, here are some ideas to help you make sure that your midsummer garden party goes with a swing:

Eating outdoorsServe Home-Grown Produce For an Al Fresco Meal

If you grow your own food in your garden, June is an abundant time of the year. You may well be able to harvest plenty of home-grown produce to serve to your guests. Consider cooking outside as well as eating outside with a delicious barbecue with plenty of delicious home-grown veggie options, or making pizzas in your own outdoors pizza oven. Whatever you serve and however you serve it, make sure that you have a magical outdoors eating area to enjoy it in with your guests.

Elderflower cordialCreate Your Own Midsummer Drinks From Garden Produce

Many meals can be made with June harvested crops. You can also make drinks from the plants that grow in your garden. For example, how about making a delicious strawberry smoothie with the earliest of these delicious fruits, or concocting a tasty elderflower cordial for your guests to enjoy?

Garden seating areaMake the Most of the Long Daylight Hours With A Comfortable Outdoors Seating Area

A midsummer party can continue long into the evening, to make the most of the long daylight hours at this time of the year. Make sure you and your guests can be comfortable in your garden by making sure that you have a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the natural beauty. As well as comfortable seating, you may also like to consider providing some outside heating to keep off the evening chill – a chiminea or fire pit, for example, could really add to the ambiance and make your guests more inclined to linger for longer in your outside space.

Fairy lights treeKeep the Party Going After Dark With Solar Lighting

A midsummer party can keep going long into the night, especially if you have outside heating in your garden. Make a magical atmosphere and make sure you can all still see the beauty around you by installing some solar lighting in your garden. Stringing fairy lights in the trees, for example, can help make your garden party a Midsummer Night's Dream.