Interesting Cherry Tree Varieties


Fruiting trees can be both a source of food and an attractive addition to your garden. Cherry trees are one of the common fruit trees planted. Many varieties are available, which offer both beautiful blossom in the spring and edible cherries to eat fresh or to cook later in the year. Both sweet and sour cherries can be a delightful addition to your home garden. If you are considering purchasing a cherry tree for your garden, you may find it helpful to cast your eye over the list of varieties below. These five varieties are said to be amongst the best cherry tree varieties for growers:


This self-fertile cherry is the most popular cherry tree variety. It produces sweet cherries with a good flavour and texture in the mid/late season and can cope well with the conditions, even in cooler regions. It also has good disease resistance, so is less likely to succumb to the problems that can face some other cherry varieties.

Summer Sun

Also with good, sweet flavour and good disease resistance, this is one of the best all-rounders on the market. The fruits are large, dark red, and ripen around the end of July. Summer Sun is also a self-fertile variety, so you will only need to plant one cherry tree in your garden.


Another excellent eating cherry with sweet, full-flavoured and bright red fruits that will be ready around the same time as those of the Stella variety, Sunburst is also good for disease resistance. This variety too can be grown in cooler areas – and could be one of the best options for those in chillier locations.


With an Award of Garden Merit from the RHS, Penny is self-sterile, but when planted alongside a suitable cherry companion tree, will produce larger than average, dark red and sweet cherries. The cherries of this variety are harvested very late compared with other varieties, so this could be a good choice for those who wish to extend the cherry season.

Morello cherriesMorello

If you are looking for cherries that you can cook with rather than sweet varieties eaten straight from the tree then Morello is the go-to cooking cherry variety. This variety has good disease resistance, a late harvest period, and a full, acidic flavour. This cherry is also a little different from the above, since it will tolerate partial shade and need not be grown in an area of full sun for best results.

These are just some of many excellent cherry varieties available.