Interesting Plum Tree Varieties

Victoria PlumsA plum tree can be a wonderful addition to many gardens. If you enjoy these fruits, either cooked or eaten fresh from the tree, then what could be better than growing them in your very own garden. If you are considering getting a plum tree for your garden, you may be wondering which variety or varieties to choose. There are plum trees suitable for many different conditions and locations, but to inspire you to choose your plum tree, here are some of the best plum varieties:


Originating in Sweden, this is an early-ripening plum with excellent flavour, especially when wall-trained. It is cold tolerant and very easy to grow.


This is the best known variety of plum and dates from the 1840s. It is eaten fresh and is also excellent for use in cooking. However, it is worth noting that other plums can have better flavour, and this variety has poor resistance to disease.

Blue Tit

This is a modern English plum that crops heavily and reliably in August. It is mostly used for cooking but can also be eaten fresh from the tree. It will need to be grown in a sunny spot.

Marjorie's Seedling

This type, named after the wife of the plant breeder Mr Sykes, is vigorous and has good resistance to disease. It keeps well but must be left for a long time to mature on the tree in order to develop the best flavour.

Mirabelle plumsMirabelle

This heirloom plum variety offers small, yellow fruits that are perfect for jams, jellies and other preserves. They are extremely easy to grow and are even found in the wild.

Denniston Superb

This is a small plum that is like a greengage, diminutive and round in shape. It is a dessert plum with a sweet, full flavour.

Santa Rosa

The Santa rose plum tree produces large, red plums with golden flesh. They are big producers, vigorous and also east to grow.


Developed by Luthor Burbank, this Japanese cultivar is a common and popular choice for home gardens and orchards and commercial production. It is a relatively small tree, with delicious yellow-orange, uniquely flavoured fruit.

black amber plumsBlack Amber

This plum tree produces small, blue-purple fruits with a delicious flavour and juicy texture which make them one of the best eating varieties.


This blue cooking plum first bred in the 19th Century is frost resistant and so can do well in northern or shady locations. It is popular and easy to grow.

There are, of course, plenty of other potential plum tree options, but the above should help you begin to narrow down the field and choose the right plum variety for your garden.