Lobelia are delicate little flowers that no not only come in blue but also in a range of other shades and look great in borders, baskets or other containers in your garden. They are relatively easy to grow and bloom between August and September.

Growing lobelias:

Most lobelia are best treated as a half-hardy annual and are usually sown between January and March indoors or under glass, though they can also be sown between April and June for flowers the following year. The seeds are very tiny and so you must take care when scattering them and always water from beneath to avoid dislodging the delicate seedlings.

The seeds should germinate in between ten and twenty-one days and as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle you should transplant them to trays at a spacing of around 5cm. Damping off can be a common problem with lobelia seedlings though making sure you do not overwater and watering from below should help prevent this problem.

When all danger of frost has passed and the seedlings have been hardened off you can plant them out where they are to grow, with a spacing of around 15cm. If you have had trouble with lobelia seeds or seedlings, or simply do not want the hassle then you can choose to purchase your plants from a garden centre or plant nursery in the spring.

Remember to water regularly, especially during particularly dry periods and remember that you will probably have to water smaller containers and baskets more regularly.

Lobelia will grow best in an open position in full sun. They will do best when planted in a rich and free draining soil. They are often used in hanging baskets against sunny walls as they can create a charming cascading effect. The flowers will be in bloom between August and September and with some varieties, the flowers will continue to delight until the first frost of the season.

You can apply a good quality general purpose fertiliser if you wish around once every six weeks and , if you like. to maintain a neat and attractive appearance over the course of the flowering season.

Why grow lobelias in the garden?

Lobelias are attractive flower which can provide ground cover in a sunny spot and create a pretty display of delicate flowers which come in a variety of shades.

These flowers are attractive to pollinators as well as to humans and so lobelias will also help in a general way with the biodiversity in your garden or outside area.

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