Petunias are a pretty garden flower than can grow well in a sunny and sheltered spot, especially in southern areas. In a sunny spot with suitable conditions they are relatively easy to grow and provide some nice colour in baskets or beds.

Growing petunias:

Petunias come in a whole range of different varieties which basically originally came from two perennial types. Modern varieties have been created which are better able to stand the vicissitudes of the weather and some varieties will do okay in partial shade, but really it should be remembered that these plants are sun lovers and the more sunlight and heat they get the better.

Petunias will grow best if given a sunny location with some shelter from the rain and wind. They prefer a well drained soil and they will also do best in an acid soil, though this tendency towards acid-loving has been reduced in modern types to quite a large degree.

For flowering in the summer, petunias are sown indoors in the warmth in spring, either in a heated propagator or in a room that remains heated at night as the temperature of the seeds must be between 18-24 degrees Celsius in order for germination to take place. The seeds should be placed on the surface of the growing medium as some varieties need light for germination. You will have to make sure that the moisture is regulated, so seeds do not dry out or drown.

Growing from seed can be a little tricky so many people choose instead to buy bedding plants which can then just be planted in containers, baskets or in garden beds. When buying your plants, a wide variety of which are available from garden centres and plant nurseries, you should try to choose varieties that are best suited to the conditions where you live and ones which are likely to be able to withstand the level of rain and wind you experience in your garden.

Why grow petunias in the garden?

Petunias are attractive sunny-spot plants that can bring a vivid splash of pretty colour to your garden and will also aid in bringing beneficial insect life into your space. They can be grown in a sunny, sheltered spot in garden beds, containers, baskets or window boxes to great effect.

Petunias also make lovely cut flowers for use in your home or to give away as gifts to loved ones. What is more, petunias can make a useful trap crop in a vegetable garden. They are almost identical to geraniums in their function as a companion plant.

Quick Facts

Latin Name
Petunia Juss.