Reasons To Buy (Or Build) A Polytunnel Or Greenhouse

If you have a garden, you may already be growing some of your own food. You may be wondering whether the next stage of your home growing could be to buy (or build) your own polytunnel or greenhouse. If you have yet to be convinced that an undercover growing area is a good idea, here are five reasons to help you see the sense in making the investment of time and/or money:

Polytunnel in snow

To Extend the Growing Season

One of the most persuasive reasons to get a polytunnel or greenhouse is that it will allow you to grow food for your table all year round. Even in the winter, with an undercover growing space, you will will be able to grow a range of crops, no matter where you live.

Peppers in polytunnel

To Broaden the Range of Crops Grown

What is more, a polytunnel or greenhouse will also allow you much more range when it comes to what you can actually grow. Even with an unheated space, you can grow a number of items that it is almost impossible to grow reliably outside, especially in northern regions. It is much easier to grow tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, melons, and many more fruits, vegetables and herbs when you have an under-cover growing space to offer these crops some extra protection.

To Have More Protection From Erratic Weather Patterns

Even at its best, the weather is hard to predict and this makes gardening far harder. It is difficult to know how to plant and care for your garden when you do not know what the weather is going to throw at you. Plants grown in a polytunnel or greenhouse can thrive even in less than ideal weather conditions and you are less likely to lose a whole month's crops because of a sudden and erratic change in the weather.

Greenhouse rainwater

To Be Able to Garden In Comfort When the Weather is Foul

Under-cover gardening is not only good for protecting the plants, it can also be nicer for the gardener too. Even on the foulest and wettest of days, you can garden in the dry and relative warmth of your polytunnel or greenhouse and enjoy your hobby without catching a chill. (You can even harvest rainwater from the roof.)

To Have Some Protection From Pests and Disease

Last but not least, a polytunnel or greenhouse that is well cared for, well laid-out and well maintained can offer some protection from pests and disease. While no one can say that undercover gardening is pest and disease free, in a confined environment it is far easier to contain, control and manage any problems as they occur.

Whether you buy a polytunnel or greenhouse, or make your own from reclaimed materials or scrap, there is no doubt that if you have the space for one, it can definitely make your life a lot better and a lot easier.