Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Lawn

Edible front yard

Most of us with a garden will have at least some lawn. This is not necessarily always a bad thing, but perhaps few of us actually stop to consider whether or not there are better alternatives to a large expanse of lawn. A lawn can sometimes be practical, but there are many more reasons to argue that it is best to lose that lawn and replace it with something better. If you feel like a change but are not quite sure what to do with your garden, here are just some of the reasons why you might like to consider getting rid of your lawn:

Portland permacultureGood For the Environment:

A typical suburban lawn is more or less a mono-culture. It usually has just one main plant – grass. So many gardeners struggle to get rid of any 'weeds' in that grass. Such a lack of diversity is not natural. Diversity is key to a healthy ecosystem and your garden should be treated as an ecosystem – one that can function well and provide a home for local wildlife. In fact, those 'weeds' such as dandelions and clover, actually help the ecosystem to function well. They are, in fact, much more useful than the grass! The closer our gardens get to natural ecosystems, the more we work in harmony with nature to achieve our goals, the more sustainable our gardens and our lives can become. Good design can allow our gardens to feed us too, reducing our individual carbon footprints and help us become part of the solution to our global problems.

Front yard permaculture gardenGood For Your Neighbourhood:

Featureless lawns can make our neighbourhoods look and feel dull. Imagine if all those lawns became beautiful cottage gardens, vegetable beds, wildlife ponds, wildflower meadows and herb gardens that human inhabitants and other creatures can all enjoy. That variety would be good for our neighbourhoods – not just because our environment could look so much better and more interesting but also because it can make our neighbourhoods more resilient and self-reliant places in all sorts of different ways. By getting rid of most or even all of your large lawn, perhaps you can inspire some of your neighbours to consider doing the same. Creating a more green and eco-friendly neighbourhood can bring the community together.

No Dig GardenGood For You and Your Family:

Giving over at least some of your lawn to vegetable growing, orchard trees, soft fruit gardens or the like can really enrich your own life and that of your family. Aside from the obvious benefits of a ready source of healthy, organic food, a productive garden can also get you and your family our in the fresh air, give you something to work on together and give you the satisfaction that comes from growing at least some of your own food. It can strengthen family ties, reduce household bills, teach self-reliance and give you some security in a fast-changing world. Plus, you could have a lower maintenance option – just think – you might never have to mow a lawn again.