Reasons To Plant A Forest Garden

Apples, rooftop forest garden

Elsewhere on this site you will find information to help you create a forest garden on your property. But why is forest gardening such a good idea? Why should we plant an edible forest garden? What are the benefits of working to mimic the natural ecosystem of a forest in this way? In this article, we will explore the reasons for recommending this type of garden design. Read on to learn more and to be inspired to create your own edible forest garden where you live.

There are many reasons why forests make a good model for garden design. Urban forest gardens are a good choice for our planet, and for the gardener. When we realise that what works for our planet and for the general good can also work extremely well for us, personally, it really does begin to seem like the obvious, most sensible, choice.

Forest gardeningForest gardens:

  • Introduce trees, which capture carbon from the air and help reduce the greenhouse gases which contribute to climate change.

  • Help to store water locally, helping to ensure the healthy function of the world's water cycle.

  • Increase biodiversity, of both plant and animal life, thereby improving resilience in the ecosystem.

  • Forest gardeningImprove air quality and reduce air pollution, road noise etc..

  • Create shade for human comfort, animal life and water conservation.

  • Provide abundant food yield and other resources for humans and wildlife.

  • Provide an abundant source of biomass to replenish the ecosystem and complete the natural cycles.

  • Improve general mental health and well-being by creating green, lush environments.

Forest garden pondA backyard food forest will resemble a natural forest ecosystem, yet the plants within it will be specifically chosen to meet our human needs and desires. This means that we ourselves, as gardeners, become a crucial part of the ecosystem, yet are not a part that simply takes, but one which can also adjust the environment in positive ways.

Forest gardening can help to remind us of the ways in which humanity can shape the environment. All too often, we think of the detrimental ways in which human beings interact with the planet, but it is also important to remember that humanity can also do a lot of good. Forest gardening is one positive way to become part of the solution to our global problems rather than just contributing to them.