Summer Holiday Garden Projects: Transform a Garden Shed

If you are looking for fun things to do with your kids in the garden over the school holidays this summer then learning how to transform a garden shed to create a new and improved den for the kids could be a great place to start. Encouraging kids to spend more time outside is an important part of parenting. Not only will kids who love the outdoors be more likely to help you in growing food and with other garden projects, they will also tend to be happier and healthier. To inspire you for your summer holiday garden projects, here are five ways to transform a garden shed to give kids a cool place to play:

Turn a Garden Shed into a Royal Palace

Give your would be Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Knights and dragons a place to play. Even the simplest of garden sheds can be transformed into a sumptuous royal residence with a lick of paint, some rich fabrics, and comfy furnishings. Pop in a dressing up box and give your kids' imaginations free reign. Planting an avenue of small fruit trees or rose bushes or other plants leading up to the 'royal palace' could help to give it that grander feel.

Turn a Garden Shed into a Fairytale Grotto

You could also surround your shed with a sea of meadow flowers and turn it into a fairy's house, or turn a shed hidden in a woodland garden glade into a fairytale grotto. Furnish it simply with table and chairs, and provide a tea set so that fairies can other magical creatures can come round for tea.

Turn a Garden Shed into an Explorer's Hut

Dense planting schemes, such as a forest garden, can turn your outside space into a jungle ripe for exploration. Turn your garden shed into an explorer's hut that can be used to plan expeditions to remote corners of the garden, or as a bird hide from which to watch local wildlife. Cover the walls with 'treasure maps' and make sure your kids have binoculars, bug bottles, notebooks and backpacks and everything else they need to journey deeper into the natural world around them.

Turn a Garden Shed into a Science Lab

Curious young minds may also love the idea of turning a garden shed into a secret science lab, where they can look more closely at the plants and animals they find, and make their own intriguing scientific discoveries with a microscope, measuring equipment and other science kits.

Turn a Garden Shed into a Spacecraft

Young adventurers may also look to the stars. You could kit out a garden shed simply but effectively to look like a spacecraft, and also consider investing in a telescope to allow them to explore the stars from the safety of their very own garden.

One of the above ideas could be perfect project to take on with your kids in your garden this summer holiday.