Things To Do In October In Your Garden

In October autumn has well and truly arrived. But that does not mean that you should neglect your garden. There is plenty of enjoyment to be had from your garden even this late in the year and growing under cover can extent the growing season well into autumn. Make the most of things before the first frost arrives in your area. Here are some of the jobs you might be tackling this month:

garlicJobs In The Vegetable Garden

  • Continue to plant garlic bulbs for a summer harvest next year.
  • Start a bean trench and begin filling it with kitchen waste where you plan to plant beans next year.
  • Harvest outside squash and pumpkins before the first frost.
  • Harvest cabbages, leaving base and cutting a cross in it to encourage more leaves to grow.
  • Continue to sow winter salad leaves and protect with cloches or fleece when frost threatens.

ApplesJobs In The Fruit Garden/Orchard

  • If you have not done so already, cut back old canes on summer fruiting raspberries.
  • This is the ideal time to plant a range of fruit trees.
  • Divide rhubarb to make new plants.
  • Remove any netting or fruit cages.
  • Harvest apples when they can be pulled easily from the tree.

Ornamental AcerJobs In the Flower Garden

  • Plant daffodil, tulip and allium bulbs for a lovely spring display.
  • Plant out bareroot ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • This is the ideal time to plant clematis plants.
  • Prune climbing roses and rambling roses once they have finished flowering.
  • Plant window boxes, baskets and containers with winter bedding plants.

Autumn GreenhouseJobs Under Cover

  • Continue to sow winter hardy salad crops in your greenhouse or polytunnel.
  • Bring tender plants in under cover before frost threatens.
  • Check for pests and continue to ensure adequate ventilation.
  • Clean and do any necessary repairs to the outside of your greenhouse or polytunnel before winter arrives.
  • Reduce watering as days get shorter and nights get colder.

General Garden Jobs

  • Rake all garden leaves to use on compost, as mulch or to make leaf mould.
  • Net garden ponds to prevent debris from falling into them.
  • Check stored potatoes and other vegetables to make sure they are safe and sound.
  • Raise pots and containers off the ground to prevent waterlogging.
  • Plan and order any tree, shrub or perennial planting you want to do before spring.