Tips For a Secret Garden

Many of us want our gardens to be secret escapes where we can relax and unwind, totally undisturbed by the outside world. But if you live in a town or city, then close neighbours can make you feel like you are always on display. Your garden may be overlooked. The tips below are designed to help you turn even the most overlooked and public-feeling of gardens into your very own 'secret' garden:

Chinese garden PortlandPlant Trees Strategically

Of course if you want privacy in your garden you may already have installed higher fences or boundaries to make your space more private and enclosed. But to create a secret garden feel, you will have to do more than just create boundary fences. Planting trees in strategic spots, no matter how large or small your garden may be, will help to obscure your main seating area from the view of neighbouring houses.

PergolaConsider a Pergola Or Other Covered Area

If your garden is very overlooked from above then of course fences will not be enough to make your garden feel more like the secret idyll it should be. Where trees would not be practicable, you could consider a pergola, or another covered area that you can sit beneath without feeling like the world is watching.

Garden borderLayer Shrubs and Trees for a Denser Boundary

A fence will obscure you from the view of neighbours enjoying their garden space. But to create a real 'secret garden' feel you will need to incorporate lush planting into your boundaries. Layer shrubs and trees and other plants around the borders of your garden to insulate sound from neighbours and give a more private feel to the space.

Secret gardenObscure A Seating Area From View of the House

A 'secret garden' should have an area that feels cut off from everything – even your own house. When creating your layout and planning a seating area, think about making a seating area that is hidden from your home by planting or other garden features.

Create A Soundscape To Take You To A Different Place

Dense, lush planting will go a long way towards making your garden feel like a calming and secret space, since the planting can somewhat deaden sound from outside the garden. You can further add to the sense of peace and solitude by incorporating features which create a soundscape – such as a water feature, for example, or wind chimes. These sounds can help create the feeling that you have found your secret garden, far from the stresses and cares of everyday existence.