Tips For Protecting a Garden From Autumn and Winter Storms

As the year begins to turn and summer turns into autumn, the days are drawing in and we may not feel like spending quite as much time in our gardens. But while some lovely sunny days do remain, it is a good idea to get out there and make sure that you do what you can to avoid damage in your garden due to autumn and winter storms. Here are some tips to help you make sure you and your garden are ready for any windy weather to come:

Branch down in stormRemove Any Damaged or Diseased Branches Overhanging Your Garden

Any trees in your garden, or which overhang your garden, can and should be cut back if they look as though they are damaged or diseased. Unsound limbs are far more likely to come crashing down in a bad storm and if they do, they could do a lot of damage in your garden, or even pose a risk to you and your family. The best time to cut back most overgrown or damaged trees is usually in the autumn, after the dormant period has begun, though you may wish to get in early and do this job before the worst of the late autumn/winter weather arrives.

Old shedKeep Your Home and Any Garden Buildings in Good Repair

It should be obvious, but it is important to think not only about the plant environment in your garden but also the built environment in and around it. Before winter storms arrive, it is a good idea to check your home, sheds and any other garden buildings for lose slates or damage, which could lead to more damage in storms to come. Before it gets too cold, make sure you get around to all the DIY type jobs around your garden.

Overgrown greenhouseMake Sure Any Polytunnels/ Greenhouses Are Clear From Vegetation

If you have undercover growing areas such as greenhouses or polytunnels, you should also do a check round to make sure that there is no vegetation that will bang or rub against the structure when the wind blows. Keeping surrounding vegetation clear of your undercover growing areas will make it far less likely that they will be damaged in strong winds or storms.

hedgeConsider Planting a Wind Break Hedge for Extra Wind Protection

While there are still lovely sunny days in your garden, you could also take the time to consider planting a wind break hedge to make your garden more sheltered and increase the range of plants that you are able to grow. A wind break hedge will mitigate the effect of any storms over the coming seasons.

Clear Away Any Loose Items if Storms Are Forecast

Gardeners should always keep an eye on the weather forecast. If storms are forecast, make sure any loose plant pots, containers, tools, garden furniture and other items are safely stowed away, so they are not blown about and so they do not cause damage in your garden.