Trends in Gardening for 2018

The best gardens are not always those that are the most 'in fashion'. But garden trends can tell us a lot about how other gardeners are thinking, and can help us to understand which way the wind is blowing. Here are five garden trends for 2018, that might inspire you to do something more with your own garden this year, as the weather warms and summer finally arrives.

Small gardenThe Best Things Often Come in Small Packages

Those without much outside space should rejoice. 2018 is all about the small garden, and making small spaces multifunctional is a key trend for this year. A small garden is embraced as a chance to make delicate, jewel-like wonders, cram packed with interest and functionality, rather than bemoaned as a design problem to overcome.

Wicker man garden

Arts and Craftmanship

Many items that you see in people's gardens have simply been impulse purchases from a supermarket or garden centre. But 2018 is all about seeking out those unique, special, had-crafted items, whether you make them yourself, or buy from local artisans and craftspeople. Choose garden ornaments, water features, garden furniture or planters that no one else will have and elevate your garden design into something a little bit special.

Wild bees hotelEncouraging Wildlife

This is not really a new trend, but building on the success of garden wildlife campaigns over the last few years, 2018 is set to see even more people making a space for and considering wildlife when designing their gardens, with wildlife ponds, bee hotels, bird feeders, bird baths and nesting boxes all becoming almost ubiquitous features.

Colourful carrotsGrowing Unusual Edibles

The grow your own trend also only seems to go from strength to strength. In 2018, growing your own is all about seeking out unusual edible plant species and interesting heritage varieties. There is an increasing interest in maintaining genetic diversity of seed stock, and more and more people are also collecting and sowing their own seeds for their edible plants.

HouseplantsHouseplants & Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

Garden design is blending with home interior design in 2018 and the two are definitely becoming more and more intertwined. Many people have already embraced their gardens as an additional, outdoors room for their homes, but this year, the garden is making its way indoors, as growing house plants continues to become more and more popular.