Upcycling Ideas for Your Garden

Recycling is not enough if we want to move towards a more sustainable way of time. Reducing the amount that we buy (especially when it comes to materials like plastic) and reusing are also key to a green way of life. Reusing, or upcycling and finding new uses for old things, is not only an eco-friendly choice. It can also help us to create beautiful and productive gardens for far less money than we may have imagined. To inspire you to move towards a more sustainable and ethical way of life, here are five upcycling ideas for your garden:

Upcycle an Old Chest of Drawers or Bookshelves to Make a Beautiful Vertical Garden

Growing your own food is a wonderful way to move towards a more sustainable way of life. Why not consider ways to make the most of your growing areas using old furniture that might otherwise be thrown away? Vertical gardening is all about making the most of the space you have available to grow flowers and food. An upcycling project on an old chest of drawers or set of bookshelves could be the perfect way to make more growing space where you live. Drawers can be pulled out to varying degrees and filled with flowers and edible crops, or bookshelves can be stacked with a range of pots and containers, to make the most of your space and to make a focal point for your garden.

Upcycling Old Sinks, Baths, Troughs or Barrels for Raised Beds

Another way to create beautiful and productive growing areas is to make some new raised beds. Old sinks, baths, troughs or barrels can all make excellent containers for plants, and using these items in such a way can also help to stop such items from ending up in landfill.

Upcycle an Old Table and Chairs for Your Patio Area

Of course, having a beautiful and productive garden is not only about hard work. A garden should also be a place for rest, relaxation and fun. By painting old wooden pieces in vibrant and enticing colours, you can create a seating area that complements and enhances the natural elements of your garden. Upcycling an old table and chairs could be the perfect way to get a beautiful new seating or eating area for your patio.

Make Patio Furniture With Old Wooden Pallets (Or Other Reclaimed Materials)

You can also create a range of beautiful and functional patio furniture using other reclaimed items. By upcycling old wooden pallets, you can make outdoor seating in a range of different styles, as well as other outdoors items such as tables, outdoors bars, or prep areas for an outdoors kitchen.

Upcycling Old Furniture for Potting Shed Storage

If you are growing your own food at home, or are a keen gardener, you will know that storage for tools, pots and other items can become a problem. Keep your potting shed neat, tidy and looking good with an upcycled wardrobe or cupboard – the perfect place to keep everything you need. By using basic upcycling techniques, we can turn even the most ugly of old items of furniture into something beautiful and functional – something practical that is as beautiful as the rest of the magical garden you are trying to create.