There are a huge variety of different viburnum, making this a very versatile and interesting garden shrub – perhaps somewhat maligned because it is so easy to grow, viburnum shrubs will actually suit most gardens, either as boundary or hedging, or as a show piece in a border. They provide scent and visual interest for you and for pollinating insects.

Growing viburnum:

Viburnum are almost all extremely forgiving of soil type and location. They will do well in clay, acid or limy soil as long as their roots do not get too waterlogged. Most Viburnums are hardy and will flower in spring even after a rather hard winter. Some are grown for their spring flowers, others for their foliage or autumn berries.

Garden centres and nurseries will often have a selection of different Viburnum plants for you to choose from and most people will grow these shrubs from bought plants rather than from seed. Plants can be purchased and planted in spring or autumn. New plants can also be formed by taking softwood cuttings. Softwood branches cut about an inch below second set of leaves then take off the lower leaves and remove a little soft bark from the cut area to encourage rooting. Place in potting mix so the leaf nodes are covered over. Rooting should occur within six weeks.

How you care for your plant exactly will vary somewhat depending on which of the many different varieties you choose for your garden but while some viburnum will tolerate partial shade, most will do much better in full sun. Be sure you have enough space for the mature spread of the variety you choose as some can grow to rather immense size.

Water shrubs during prolonged periods of dry weather. Mulching with leaf mould or other organic mulch is a good idea as this will help the roots retain moisture.

After the viburnum has finished flowering you can prune the shrub to shape, contain and to remove any dead, damaged or diseased branches. Pruning should be part of caring for any viburnum shrub and will make for a healthier specimen.

Why grow viburnum in the garden?

Viburnum is a versatile shrub with four-season interest. It can add beautiful sights and scent to your garden. Varieties can be found to suit just about any planting scheme, colour scheme or design. Bees and other beneficial insects like the flowers which can come early in the spring and birds and other wildlife likes the berries later in the year, so viburnum is a good choice of shrub for wildlife gardens and can help increase bio-diversity in your area.

Quick Facts

Latin Name
Viburnum (various)