Warm Weather Crops You Can Grow In Containers Indoors

There are always going to be crops that we cannot grow outside. Even an unheated greenhouse or polytunnel cannot provide enough warmth for some tropical and warm weather crops and heating your outside, covered, growing area is not always an eco-friendly or cost-effective option. If you fancy, for a bit of fun, trying your hand at growing some warm weather crops, however, it is possible to grow a number of these things inside your home, no matter where you live. Here are a few suggestions for fun warm weather crops to try in a warm, bright kitchen or conservatory:



If you can get your hands on some ginger then it is possible to grow it in a pot in a warm location indoors. You may be able to find a supplier online. You may even be able to sprout some root bought in a supermarket, though these have sometimes been heat treated to prevent them from sprouting. The benefit of growing your own is that you will get stem ginger, a warm and delicate vegetable as well as the more familiar root.



Lemongrass in containers can be popped outside in a warm spot during the summer but must be brought inside when it gets cold. It is often easier simply to grow this plant indoors. Along with that ginger, lemongrass can be used to create a range of wonderful Thai and other East Asian recipes and its lovely lemony fragrance will be a delight while it is growing.

Lemon tree

Citrus Fruits

A warm conservatory or another bright, warm room can allow you to grow dwarf fruit trees in pots. Lemons, limes and oranges could not survive outside year round but inside your home, they can do fine and provide a small taste of the exotic as well as a pleasant site.

Green tea leaves

Green Tea

In the southern areas, tea plants, when mature, can easily handle the conditions outdoors. Further north however, while the tea plants are still young and tender, it is easier to grow them inside. These leafy plants can be brewed to create the familiar beverage but they can also make an attractive house plant, so while you are unlikely to be able to grow enough tea to sustain a regular tea drinking habit, this can still be a fun plant to grow.

Peanut plant


Peanuts are intriguing plants. The peanuts form in a cavern under the ground. While you are unlikely to be rewarded with more than a few handfuls of peanuts for your efforts, growing a plant or two in large containers can be a fun and interesting thing to do – for the novelty of it if for no other reason.