Garden Jobs for June

Solanum Tuberosum
Malus Domestica
Broad Beans
Vicia Faba
Daucus carota
Allium cepa
Pisum sativum
Prunus Domestica
Rubus idaeus
Fragaria x ananassa
Solanum lycopersicum
Birch (Downy & Silver)
Betula Pubescens/Betula Pendula
Sambucus Nigra
Black Chokeberry
Aronia Melanocarpia
Ocimum basilcum
Cytisus scoparius
Crataegus monogyna
Corylus avellana
Quercus robar
Petroselinum Crispum
Rosmarinus officinalis
Rowan (Mountain Ash)
Sorbus aucuparia
Salvia officinalis
Sloe (Blackthorn)
Prunus Spinosa
Thymus vulgaris
Origanum heracleoticum
Origanum majorana
Anethum graveolens
Foeniculum vulgare
Coriandrum sativum
Helianthus annuus
French Marigolds
Tagetes patula
Symphytum x?uplandicum
Tropaeolum majus
Beta Vulgaris
Pastinaca sativa
Raphanus sativus
Runner Beans
Phaseolus coccineus
French Beans
Phaseolus vulgaris
Viburnum (various)
Rhododendron (various)
Ilex aquifolium
Juniperus communis
Pyracantha angustifolia (etc.)
Tilia x europaea, tilia cordata, tilia platyphyllos
Acer pseudoplatanus
Rubus fruticosus
Bell Peppers
Capsicum annuum
Chili Pepper
Cape Gooseberry
Physalis peruviana
Prunus avium
Tulipa gesneriana L.
Geranium (Properly Pelargonium)
Lavandula spica L.
Brassica oleracea
Brussels Sprouts
Brassica oleracea var. gemmifera
Beta vulgaris ssp. cicla
Spinacia oleracea
Brassica napobrassica
Beginner's Guide to Polytunnel Growing
Beginner's Guide to Watering
A Guide to Mulches
Making Organic Plant Feed
Borago officinalis
Allium schoenoprasum
Anthriscus cerefolium
Mentha x piperita, mentha spicata etc
Achillea millefolium
Ribes uva-crispa
Ribes nigrum
Prunus persica
Applying Permaculture Principles in the Garden
An Introduction to No-Dig Gardening
Introduction to Companion Planting
A Beginners Guide to Buying Seeds
An Introduction to Vertical Gardening
Centaurea cyanus
Hyacinthoides non-scripta
California Poppy
Eschscholzia californica
Primula Vulgaris
Sweet Pea
Lathyrus ororatus
Cucurbita pepo
Cucumis sativus
Brassica oleracea v. gongylodes
Lactuca sativa
Cucurbita ssp.
Laburnum alpinum/ Laburnum anagyroides/ Laburnum x watereri vossii
Populus Tremula
Populus e.g. Populus Nigra
Service Tree
Sorbus Torminalis, Sorbus Domestica
Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum
Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden
An Introduction to Hügelkultur
An Introduction to Straw Bale Gardening
An Introduction to Keeping Chickens in Your Garden
Storing and Preserving Food Crops From The Garden
Mahonia japonica etc.
Berberis vulgares
Camellia sinensis
Potentilla fruticosa
Brassica oleracea var. capitata
Brassica oleracea var. botrytis
Brassica oleracea var. sabellica
Cucurbita maxima/ Cucurbita pepo
Rheum rhabarbarum
Cydonia oblonga
Rubus phoenicolasius
Actinidia deliciosa
Vitis vinifera
Prunus armeniaca
Lemon Grass
Cymbopogon citratus
Lemon Balm
Melissa officinalis
Trigonella feonum-graecum
Hyssopus officinalis
Chamaemelum nobile
Apium graveolens var. dulce
Apium graveolens var. rapaceum
Carpinus betulus
Acer campestre
Daisy (Ox-eye)
Leucanthemum vulgare
Ficus carica
Rubus ursinus
Euonymus europaeus
Levisticum officinale
How to Plant a Native Hedge
Beginner's Guide to Container Gardening
Choosing the Right Trees for Your Garden
Brassica rapa subsp. rapa
Allium porrum
Pak Choi
Brassica rapa spp. chinensis
Brassica rapa nipposinica
Eruca sativa
Beginner's Guide to Crop Rotation
Stock Flowers
Viola tricolor subsp. tricolor
Creating a Wild Flower Meadow In Your Garden
How to Create a Garden Pond
How to Create a Child-Friendly Garden
Things to Do in November in Your Garden
Petunia Juss.
Ageratum/ Flossflower
Ageratum houstonianum
Asparagus officinalis
Nicotiana alata grandiflora
Solanum melongena
Allium sativum
Globe Artichoke
Cynara scolymus
Land Cress
Barbarea verna
Allium cepa var. aggregatum
Pruning Fruit Trees
Rumex acetosa
Horse Chestnut
Aesculus hippocastanum
A Guide to the Benefits of Alliums
Choosing a Location for a Wildlife Pond
Choosing and Planting Summer Flowering Bulbs
Five Wildlife Spectacles To Be Enjoyed in the Spring Garden
Get On Top of Weeds Before the Weather Warms Up
Hints and Tips for First Early Potatoes
How to Get Started as Soon as Possible with the Growing Season
How To Look Out For Garden Wildlife in Early Spring
Lawn Care and Repair
Preparing Garden Beds for Spring Planting
Things to Do In March In Your Garden
Time To Take Root Cuttings and Establish a Comfrey Patch
Tips For Creating A Soft Fruit Garden
Ways To Use Household Rubbish in the Garden
What to Plant in your Polytunnel or Greenhouse in March
Things To Do In April In Your Garden
What To Plant In Your Polytunnel or Greenhouse in April
Adopting Ex-Battery Hens
How To Create a Mushroom Patch in Your Garden
Hints and Tips For Growing Pea Plants
How To Make A Cold Frame For Hardening Off Your Plants
How To Create a Fruit Tree Guild
How to Choose Bedding Plants For Your Beds and Borders
How To Save Money When Creating or Improving Your Garden
Consider Getting Some Worms for Vermicomposting
Hardening Off Plants
Tips for Direct Sowing Seeds in Your Garden
A Guide to Creating Raised Beds for Vegetables in Your Garden
Steps to Take to Prevent a Carrot Fly Infestation
Dealing With Slugs in the Garden
Things To Do In May In Your Garden
What To Plant In Your Polytunnel or Greenhouse in May
Earthing Up Potatoes and Mulching Methods
Planting Out Brassicas – Companion Planting Tips
A Guide to Mulching Brassicas
Runner Bean Support Ideas
Five Ways To Make Use of Nettles
How To Train Climbing Roses
The Importance of Insects to Broad Beans And Vice Versa
A Guide To Pricking Out Seedlings
How to Take Softwood Cuttings of Herbs
Common Garden Weeds That You Can Eat
Vertical Growing Techniques For Cucumbers
How To Cordon Tomatoes
Troubleshooting a Garden Pond
Things To Do In June In Your Garden
What To Plant In Your Polytunnel or Greenhouse in June
Some Annual Flowers You Can Still Sow In June
Tips For Beautiful Hanging Baskets
Companion Planting Tips For Squashes and Pumpkins
Organic Fertilisers You Can Make At Home
Enjoying A June Harvest
Planning For Year-Round Growing and Eating
Thinning Soft Fruit
Plant Container Potatoes for Christmas
Dealing With Summer Weather Extremes In the Garden
Tips For Delightful Outdoor Seating Areas In Your Garden
How To Deal With Strawberry Runners
Great Flower Choices For June Cutting
How To Deadhead Roses
Things To Do In July In Your Garden
What To Plant In Your Polytunnel or Greenhouse in July
Enjoying a July Harvest
Great Flower Choices For July Cutting
Waste Not, Want Not: Eating and Using Thinned Veg
How To Harvest and Store Garlic
Tips For Composting In the Summer Months
Why You Should Let Some Radishes Go To Seed This Month
Three Uses For Grass Clippings In The Garden
Five Garden Projects To Do With Kids During The School Holidays
How To Reduce Chances of Blight in Your Greenhouse or Polytunnel
How To Make Use Of Unripe Windfall Fruit
Take Softwood Cuttings Of Ornamental Shrubs For Autumn Planting
Companion Plants For Tomatoes
How To Save Lettuce Seeds
Things To Do In August In Your Garden
What To Plant In Your Polytunnel or Greenhouse in August
How To Make Sure Your Garden Survives While You Are Away On Your Summer Holiday
Enjoying an August Harvest
Tips For Drying Herbs At Home
Great Flower Choices For August Cutting
Ideas For Dealing With A Glut
General Tips For Seed Saving
How To Save Tomato Seeds
Five Vegetables You Can Still Sow in August
Perennial Alternatives To Regular Onions
Organic Ways To Solve A Problem With Aphids
Plant Bulbs Now To Get Some Flowers For Christmas
Cover Crops To Plant In August
Five Wildlife Spectacles To Be Enjoyed in Late Summer
How To Help Garden Wildlife in Late Summer
Things To Do In September In Your Garden
What To Plant In Your Polytunnel Or Greenhouse In September
How To Prepare Your Garden For Autumn and Winter
How To Make Leaf Mould
Taking Hardwood Cuttings Of Fruit Bushes
Five Great Species To Choose For A Native Hedge
Five Great Ways To Preserve Your Garden's Summery Fruit Flavours For The Winter
Treating An Outbreak of Powdery Mildew
How To Optimise Space In Your Garden
The Pros and Cons Of Various Path Materials In The Garden
Things To Do In October In Your Garden
Things To Do In December In Your Garden
Things To Do In January In Your Garden
Things To Do In February In Your Garden
A List of Some Common Poisonous Garden Plants
Common Poisonous Berries
Giant Hogweed And Other Plants That Can Cause Skin Irritation
How To Make A Home-Made Propagator
Reasons To Buy (Or Build) A Polytunnel Or Greenhouse
Reasons To Get Rid Of Your Lawn
Getting To Know Your Garden – Beginning With The Basics
How To Create A Green Roof For Your Garden Shed
A Brief Guide To Basic Soil Types
Best Perennial Shrubs For a Shady Spot
Best Herbaceous Plants & Flowers For A Shady Spot
Growing Food In Partial or Near-Complete Shade
Tips For Creating Beautiful Shade Gardens
The Best Vines Or Climbing Plants For Shade
How To Improve Heavy Clay Soil
Some Ericaceous Plants For Acid Soils
Good Plant Choices For A Dry, Sandy Garden
Good Plant Choices For A Heavy Clay Garden
How To Improve Sandy Soil
Nitrogen-Fixing Trees
Nitrogen Fixing Shrubs
Nitrogen Fixing Herbaceous Plants
Tips For Making The Most of the Space in your Polytunnel or Greenhouse
How To Practice Crop Rotation In A Polytunnel
Seasonal Recipes For An April Harvest
Good Edible Plants For Hanging Baskets
How To Clean Your Polytunnel or Greenhouse
A Guide to Some Popular Heirloom Tomato Varieties
Warm Weather Crops You Can Grow In Containers Indoors
Windbreak Trees For Coastal Gardens
Good Shrub Choices for Coastal Gardens
Five Hardy Perennials Suited To Coastal Gardens
Edible Plants For An Attractive Mixed Border
Drought Tolerant Plants For Dry Areas
Best Plants For An Evening Garden
Tips To Protect Your Organic Garden From Mice
Organically Dealing with Rats In Your Compost Heap
How To Keep Rabbits Out Of Your Vegetable Garden
How and Why To Attract Bats To Your Garden
How and Why To Attract Owls To Your Garden
How and Why To Encourage Frogs & Toads in Your Garden
How and Why To Attract Swallows, Swifts and Martins in Your Garden
How and Why To Encourage Hedgehogs In Your Garden
How and Why To Attract Bees To Your Garden
Tips For a Cat Friendly Garden
Tips For A Dog-Friendly Garden
An Introduction to Keeping Ducks In Your Garden
Taking Inspiration from Arts and Crafts Gardens
How To Achieve a Cottage Garden Look
How To Create A Garden Inspired By Rococo Style
A Guide to Zoning Your Permaculture Garden
Plants The Romans Gave Us
The History of The Lawn
How to Add Nitrogen in a Permaculture Garden
How To Add Potassium in a Permaculture Garden
How To Add Phosphorus in a Permaculture Garden
Design Tips For Small Gardens
Choosing Bird Nest Boxes For Your Garden
Growing Firewood in Your Garden
How To Achieve a Sleek, Contemporary Garden Look
How To Really Make Your Garden Part of Your Home
How To Transform Your Garden On A Budget
Design Ideas for Overlooked Gardens
Water Features For Permaculture Gardens
The Problem With Peat and Some Good Alternatives
Growing Bamboo in the Garden
Choosing a Bamboo Variety for Your Garden
Bamboos for Edible Shoots
Plants For A Forest Garden – Trees
Plants For A Forest Garden – Shrub Layer
Plants For A Forest Garden – Herbaceous Plants
Plants For A Forest Garden – Ground Cover
Uses for Willow in the Garden
Growing Herbs For Relaxation
A Beginner's Guide to Aquaponics
Growing Inside a Polytunnel in a Permaculture Garden
Creating a Soundscape in Your Garden
How To Grow Your Own Food Without A Garden
Composting For Small Spaces
Tips For a Roof Garden
Adding Thermal Mass in a Greenhouse or Polytunnel
Five Cool Landscaping Features for Kids
Eco DIY Ideas For a New Patio or Seating Area
Creating a Work Space in Your Garden
Creating A Garden For An Artist
Creating A Workshop Space in Your Garden
How To Deal With A Steep Slope In Your Garden
Bring A Bit of Fairy Magic To Your Garden
Garden Grown Food For Chickens
Preparing Your Garden For Snowy Conditions
How Much Space Do You Need To Grow Your Own Food?
How To Make Your Own Cloches & Row Covers
Five Reasons to Go Organic in Your Garden
Reasons Home Growers Should Consider A Vegetarian Diet
How To Make Home-Made Baby Food From Produce Grown in Your Garden
How To Make A Living From Your Garden
How To Make a Garden More Resilient In The Face of Climate Change
Tips For Reducing Plastic Use in the Garden
What To Look Out For When Choosing Plug Plants
An Introduction to Keeping Bees in Your Garden
An Introduction to Keeping Goats in Your Garden
What To Do With Home Grown Rhubarb
Tips For Propagating By Division
How to Reclaim Overgrown Land Without Chemicals
Five Useful Cover Crops To Improve Soil In Growing Areas
Earthworks In a Permaculture Garden
A Beginner's Guide To Forest Gardening
Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden
How To Care for a Stream in Your Garden
Trends in Gardening for 2018
Learning from Native Cultures in Garden Design
The Importance of Bacteria in a Garden
The Importance of Fungi in a Garden
Tips For Four Dimensional Garden Design
Lessons You Can Learn from Your Surroundings & Apply in Your Garden
How To Make A Pizza Oven For Your Garden
Five Unusual Uses for Apple Blossom
Five Reasons To Let Dandelions Grow In Your Garden
Dealing With Ground Elder in an Organic Garden
Reasons To Dig Down In Your 'No Dig' Garden
Ideas for Al Fresco Garden Dining Areas
DIY Garden Seating Ideas
Tips For Mediterranean Garden Design
Tips For Formal Garden Design
Tips For Getting Your Garden Barbecue Ready This Summer
Ideas for a Midsummer Garden Party
Dealing With Moles in Your Garden
DIY Recycled Scarecrow Ideas for Your Garden
DIY Den Ideas For Family Gardens
A Beginner's Guide To Propagating Succulents
Design Tips For A Japanese Garden
Tips For Creating A Tropical Feeling Garden
Tips For Creating a Moorish-Inspired Garden
Five Tips To Help Gardeners Cope With a Hosepipe Ban
Money Making Tips For Small-Scale Market Gardeners
Tips For a Secret Garden
Tips For a Courtyard Garden
How To Make Charcoal & Biochar For Your Garden
Protecting the Soil in a Permaculture Garden
Fire Prevention in Garden Design
Reasons To Plant A Forest Garden
How Pets Could Be Useful In Your Garden
A Beginner's Guide To Planning For The Hungry Gap in a Vegetable Garden
How To Tell When Common Fruits Are Ready To Harvest
Ideas For Your Apple Harvest
Garden Design Tips For Barefoot Gardeners
Could You Make Your Own Firelighters For Garden Barbecues?
Tips For Protecting a Garden From Autumn and Winter Storms
How To Juice Apples From Your Garden
Garden Design Tips – Enjoying Autumn Colour
Perennial Planting For A Beautiful Winter Garden
Eco-Friendly Plant Label Ideas For Your Garden
Storing Home-Grown Food Without Plastic
Tips For Creating an Alpine Garden
Interesting Apple Tree Varieties
Interesting Plum Tree Varieties
Unusual Fruit Tree Ideas For Your Garden
Interesting Cherry Tree Varieties
Tips For a Low-Maintenance Garden
Zero Waste Gardening: Zero Waste Tips for Sourcing Tools
Zero Waste Gardening: Tips for Sourcing Containers
Zero Waste Gardening: Tips For Choosing Seeds and Plants
Zero Waste Gardening: Making Use of Organic Waste
How To Clear Brambles From Your Garden
How To Clear Thistles From Your Garden
How To Clear Creeping Buttercup From Your Garden
How to Clear Hogweed From Your Garden
How To Use Natural Stone in Your Garden
How To Use Natural Wood in Your Garden
How To Use Natural Clay in Your Garden
How To Use Reclaimed Metal in Your Garden
Using Seaweed in the Garden
Uses for Sheep's Wool in the Garden
Uses for Straw in the Garden
Ideas for an Outdoors Kitchen
Do You Suffer From Plant Blindness?
Tips for an Eco-Friendly Low Maintenance Garden
Upcycling Ideas for Your Garden
Growing Grains In Your Garden
Growing Asian Greens in Your Garden
Growing Hostas for Food in Your Garden
Edible Plants That Might Be Hiding in Your Lawn
Types of Grass For Lawns in the UK
Dwarf Fruit Trees – Choosing Small Trees for Your Garden
Fruit Tree Rootstocks in the UK
Grafting Edible Plants in Your Vegetable Garden
Amazing Facts About Garden Trees
Amazing Facts About Garden Flowers
How to Make a Hot Bed For Tender Plants
How To Make a Mandala Garden
How To Use Grass Clippings From Your Garden
What To Do with Flowers That You Deadhead
How to Deal With Weeds in Paths and Paving
What are Nematodes?
What is a Chinampa?
Creating an Earth-Sheltered Greenhouse For Your Garden
Zero Waste: How To Use Cut or Brushed Out Hair in Your Garden
Tips For Gardens That Promote Good Mental Health
How To Boost Your Confidence in Your Garden
Summer Holiday Garden Projects: Transform a Garden Shed
Summer Holiday Garden Projects: Make a Sleeping Giant Garden Bed
Summer Holiday Garden Projects: Make a Garden Obstacle Course
Summer Holiday Garden Projects: Make a Natural Den and Sleep Under the Stars
Upcycling a Metal Oil Drum in Your Garden
Upcycling an Old Bucket in Your Garden
Upcycling a Plastic Barrel in Your Garden
What Can We Do? Combatting Climate Change in Your Garden
Pricking Out Seedlings
Tips for Choosing Native Wildflowers
How To Propagate Lavender
How To Prune Lavender
Top Edibles To Sow in a Windowsill Garden Year Round
Troubleshooting a Windowsill Garden
How To Get Green Tomatoes To Ripen More Quickly
What To Do With Green Tomatoes From Your Garden
How To Reduce Your Consumption and Aid in the Fight Against Climate Change
Make a Living in Your Garden To Help Combat Climate Change
How To Make a Hot Bed For Winter Growing
Make The Most of Garden Produce This Halloween
Eat Well All Winter as a Home Grower
How To Harvest Quinoa