Composting For Small Spaces

Tiny Garden


you have to live in a space that is smaller than you would like, you

may often find yourself thinking that it would be nice to be able to

have somewhere larger. You may often find yourself thinking – if

only I had a larger space I would be able to... Rather than thinking

about what you would do, if only, think about what you can do right

now, to improve your life and work towards living more ethically and


Balcony gardenYou may be dreaming of a lovely home and a decent sized garden, while making do with an outside space that is a little bit on the small size. You might only have a balcony or a shared rooftop, a tiny courtyard, a postage stamp sized plot or a teeny weeny patio. Perhaps you do not have any of your own outside space at all.

Whatever challenges you face to your ambitions to be a gardener and grow your own grub, forget feeling glum about how far you are from where you want to be ultimately and think about where you actually are right now. Think about the positive steps that can be taken, right now, to move in the right direction. Many people may not be able to get their dream gardens right now, but anyone can begin to learn the skills, whatever their situation.

Compost binsOne of the things that keen gardeners stuck without a garden or with one that is less than ideal can do is compost their kitchen waste. With the correct compost container, you can even compost your waste indoors on a small scale. That means that anyone can do it. If you have a cupboard or an out of the way corner, you can compost your paper, cardboard and vegetable scraps at home.

WormeryA wormery can be a good option for those who have little space for a large compost heap. You can purchase a range of wormeries online, or make one yourself. Once you have the wormery and the worms, it should cost you nothing and once the worms have done their work you will be left with some good quality growing medium for your container vegetable garden, whether it is outside or growing on and near sunny windowsills is your only option.

Some people who only have a small garden or no garden think that they will have to spend a fortune on compost and pots and other items but this is not necessarily the case. Begin by making your own compost. It may take you longer to taste something you have grown but the satisfaction will be all the greater for knowing that you did it all on your own and did not just nip down to the shops to stock up on something that you can generate for free and reduce your carbon footprint while you are at it.