DIY Den Ideas For Family Gardens

Whether you have grand plans, or want a simple weekend project, there are plenty of DIY den ideas for family gardens that are perfect for parents to take on this summer. Your garden can be a wonderful place for your kids – and a den can help them to fully appreciate and enjoy the outside space. Whether you have a large garden or a very small one, one of these DIY den ideas could be perfect for you:

Tipi denA Tipi Or Wigwam

One of the very easiest ways to make a DIY den for your kids is to construct a tipi or wigwam. These can be small or large. All you will need is some garden canes or sturdy, straight branches, and something with which to cover the basic structure. To keep costs right down, you could consider building up the shelter using evergreen foliage, or covering the structure with old sheets, or other scrap fabric from your home.

Willow denA Living Den

Another easy way to create a small den for kids is by training growing trees to create the den shape that you desire. Willows are ideal for bending into a den, though other trees and shrubs will also be suitable. The best species to go for will depend on where you live. A living den is affordable, easy to make and attractive, so could be a perfect choice for family gardens.

treehouseA Simple Treehouse

With a few basic woodworking skills, you could also consider making a basic treehouse for your garden. While a fully fledged treehouse can be a DIY challenge, it is far easier to create a smaller, slightly raised wooden structure around the base of a tree, creating a covered platform raised off the ground on telegraph pole piles. For a more sustainable build, be sure to source reclaimed timber, or timber from sustainably managed forests.

Straw balesA Straw Bale Structure

Many garden buildings require specialist knowledge and skills to build, but straw bale building is something that most people can easily learn to accomplish without having to bring in the experts. Straw bales can be piled up and staked with hazel to create load-bearing walls for a children's den, or other garden building. These walls are then rendered with lime and/or clay and a roof added. Straw bale garden buildings are warm and sturdy, and can cost far less than other methods of construction.

Shed playhouseA Customised Shed

With a little imagination and a little work, a boring, off-the-shelf garden shed can be turned into a magical children's den. A shed can be a castle, a cottage, a spaceship... with a few small additions and changes, you can make your shed the perfect accessory for imaginative play. If your DIY skills leave a little something to be desired, customising a ready-made shed for your garden could be a good way to go.