Five Reasons to Go Organic in Your Garden

If you have not already done so, there are plenty of reasons why you should grow food organically in your garden. Growing food organically is one of the best things that you can do to live a more sustainable way of life. As you learn more about organic home growing, here are five reasons to go organic in your garden to help inspire you to take the first steps:

FarmingTo Reduce Carbon Footprint

Growing your own food is one of the best ways to reduce your personal carbon footprint. Making sure that you do so in a way that is kind to our planet will cause an even greater reduction in the emission of the greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. Reducing the amount of food that you need to buy will reduce the emissions caused by modern agriculture and food distribution. What is more, by eschewing the pesticides and herbicides often used in growing food, which use energy in the form of finite fossil fuels to create, you will also help to reduce the carbon cost of your growing.

To Reduce Environmental Pollution

Pesticides and herbicides used in food production are a massive cause of environmental pollution worldwide. By growing organically, we are helping to make sure that our water cycle is maintained, as well as protecting the earth and the air from environmental toxins. Fresh water is a vitally important resource, and when we pollute our waters, we are literally threatening all life on our planet. By growing organically, we are ensuring that we do no harm to our local and global environments.

Agricultural run-off

To Protect the Soil

Not only does using pesticides and herbicides pollute our environment, many of the practices of non-organic growing also damage and degrade the precious topsoils on which we rely to grow our food. By implementing permaculture practices and growing organically, we can care for the soil in our gardens and ensure that it can be used for home growing for many years to come.

BeesTo Protect Local Wildlife

The other unfortunate thing about dangerous herbicides and pesticides is that they do not only target weeds and pests. Beneficial local wildlife can also be detrimentally impacted by these toxins. Bees are severely threatened, as are many other beneficial pollinating insects, which we need in order to grow many of our crops. Predatory insects and other creatures that help keep pest numbers down can also be harmed. As organic growers, we can do plenty to care for and protect our local wildlife.

To Improve Personal Health

It is not only wildlife that is negatively impacted by non-organic gardening practice. As human beings, we too can be harmed by the toxins often sprayed on our food. When you grow organically, you can rest assured that you are eating food that is good for your health – many argue that organic food tastes better too!