How To Grow Your Own Food Without A Garden

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden. But even if you do not have any outside space to speak of, it is still possible to grow at least a little of your own food. Here are some ideas for growing your own food without a garden:

Windowsill growingWindowsill Growing

All you need to get started with growing your own food is a reasonably sunny windowsill. Generally, you will be able to start seeds on east, south or west facing windows, with south being the best, though some plants will even survive on a colder north facing windowsill with less light. Anyone can get started. SeedlingsYou can compost your own kitchen scraps in order to make your growing medium, and place that growing medium into yoghurt pots or other food containers from your recycling pile. Seeds, you can often get from keen gardeners in your acquaintance – if not, seeds for common herbs, fruits and vegetables can be picked up affordably online or in a local garden centre. Beginners should start by growing some culinary herbs, some cut-and-come again salad, some radishes, and perhaps a tomato plant or some other green leafy vegetables for stir fries and the like.

Vertical gardenVertical Gardening

If you would like to extend your indoors growing beyond the windowsill, you could think about creating a vertical garden against a sunny wall. Vertical gardens can be as complicated or as simple as you like – the very simplest being to simply place some containers with plants in on a set of shelves where they get a good amount of light each day. If you are feeling adventurous you could even have some vining plants in larger pots or containers on the floor that can send their vines up your shelves, or another trellis-type structure. No space inside? How about creating a vertical garden against a wall in a shared space co-operating with your neighbours – or even lowering a simple structure from a window to rest against the wall below – like a window box – but with extra growing space.

Community GardenCommunity Garden Options

If you grow your own food at home without a garden you will be able to grow more than you think. However, once you begin, you will find that doing a bit will make you want to do more! You will want a garden. Check out local allotment options and be sure to put your name on a waiting list if none are currently available. In the meantime, how about asking around your neighbourhood or advertising to ask those with gardens whether they would be willing to let you have some space to grow food in return for a share of the produce.

You might not be able to do everything you would like to do right now – but by being proactive, you can take a few steps in the right direction.