Interesting Apple Tree Varieties

Apple tree

There are plenty of different apple varieties to choose from for your garden. You can find apples suitable for a wide range of gardens and locations, so whether you have a huge garden with space for multiple trees, or only have space for one small apple tree, growing apples can be a great idea in almost any space.

The first thing to decide when choosing an apple tree for your garden is what you would like to be able to do with the apples you grow. Some apples are cooking varieties, best cooked rather than being eaten straight from the tree, while others are dessert apples, which are delicious when eaten fresh. Below you will find some suggestions for interesting apple varieties that you might like to consider:

Cooking Apple Varieties:

  • Emneth Early

A very early apple that can be harvested in July and August, great for harvesting when other apples are not yet ripe and for extending the top fruit season.

  • BramleyBramley

One of the best known cooking apple varieties, these apples are great for a range of different uses in the kitchen, but these are best for big gardens, as the trees can grow rather large.

  • Dumellers

These are easy to grow and produce a high quality fruit. They can be used between November and March in a range of recipes.

  • Lane's Prince Albert

These are also good cooking apples, and the tree they grow on is small and compact, ideal for smaller growing areas.

  • Golden Noble

This too is a good tree for smaller spaces, with an upright growing habit. It is easy to grow and crops reliably in any locations.

Dessert Apple Varieties:

  • DiscoveryDiscovery

This is a very early dessert variety, available before other apple varieties are ripe. These apples can be harvested in August and early September.

  • James Grieve

James Grieve

These apples have a good taste, eaten straight from the tree, and are excellent for juicing too. They do not store very well, however, so are not the best keepers.

  • Cox's 'Chivers Delight'

These are often described as having excellent flavour and are amongst the best performing of all the Cox's apple varieties.

  • Fiesta

This Cox's type dessert apple is reliable and easy to grow. It is a good dessert variety to store for late winter and can be enjoyed right through until spring.

  • Egremont Russet

This is another reliable dessert apple option, with a good taste. It performs well and will also keep well in store throughout winter and until the spring.

There are plenty of apple varieties to choose from, and if you choose wisely, you will have plenty of apples to eat and cook over a long season.