Summer Holiday Garden Projects: Make a Garden Obstacle Course

Keeping kids fit and active over the summer holidays can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. But if you have a garden, keeping kids entertained and active can be a whole lot easier. Making a garden obstacle course for your kids can be a great idea – not only will a natural obstacle course give them something active to do, it could also be incorporated into your garden design and make it look great too.

An obstacle course should have paths to follow. It should have things to go round, under, over and through. It can incorporate a wide range of different materials, and even plants that you are growing in your garden. Here are some ideas that you could consider for your garden obstacle course:

  • Winding paths mowed in a wildflower meadow or lawn.
  • Stepping stones (perhaps even using rocks from your garden).
  • Log slices at different heights. Slices of logs could be used like stepping stones to make a path, or used to create the edge of a bed or border that could also be used for kids to balance along.
  • Ladders, rope swings and/or raised platforms attached to a mature tree/ trees.
  • Planks over a small stream or boggy area.
  • Bamboo/ raspberry cane/ other tall plant mazes.
  • Tunnels made from willow, trained dwarf fruit trees etc...
  • Row covers/mini polytunnels used to protect plants early or late in the year could be used for an obstacle course when not in use during the summer.
  • Tunnels made from pruned branches and other garden debris.
  • Balance beams, ramps and other temporary structures made from old wood pallets.

Trampolines, paddling pools and other fun garden items that you might already own could also be included. On a hot summer's day, you might even be able to make things more fun with a garden hose or watering cans, sprinklers, and sheet plastic to make a slippy slide.

Your garden can be a productive place and somewhere fun and exciting for the kids to play. Make plants and growing structures part of the fun and kids are sure to be more engaged with your garden and spend more time outdoors.