Tips For A Dog-Friendly Garden

Dog fence garden

Secure Boundaries

Above all, a dog-friendly garden will have to contain your dog and stop it from straying. Even the most obedient dog can be seduced by a smell or something interesting going on in the street, in your neighbour's garden or with the wildlife beyond your borders. A dog-friendly garden will require strong and sturdy fencing that they cannot squeeze under or through or jump over.

Dog in gardenGarden Safety

Safety is about more than simply confining your dog to your own outdoors space. Especially if your dog will be out in the garden on his or her own, while you are out at work or simply when you have your back turned, remember that they can get into all sorts of mischief! While the odd hole or scuff may be a fact of life in a dog-friendly garden, make sure that there is never anything dangerous lying around – sharp tools, small items they could choke on...

Of course you should also garden organically and avoid using any poisons or pesticides, which could poison wildlife and your dog. Embrace the odd weed and employ a permaculture, nature-friendly approach to gardening that will suit you, the wildlife and your dog. Just avoid planting any plants that are poisonous to dogs.

Another thing to be wary about is that dogs should be kept away from slugs and snails as eating these can cause lungworm. You can find information on dealing with slugs and snails organically and restoring balance in your garden elsewhere on this site.

Dog on garden pathStimulation

Your dog will love simply being outside in your garden – especially if you are there too. A dog-friendly garden is one that caters to your dog's wants and needs as well as your own. A dog will love paths that it can follow – sniffing a trail. Most dogs will appreciate shade and water when it is hot and some may enjoy a spot of sunbathing too. Dogs also love to dig, so perhaps you could provide a place where that is allowed so they do not dig up your prized plants. A wilder area where your dog can sniff and play without you fearing for a manicured lawn is also a wonderful idea and your dog can have fun sniffing out the smells of the wildlife it has attracted.

DogSturdy Planting

If should go without saying for most dog owners, but dogs can be quite destructive simply by running around and not watching out for your plants. Clear paths and boundaries, raised beds and sturdy planting schemes of trees, shrubs and perennial plants will usually fare okay, even with more boisterous, larger pups. Manicured lawns and dogs do not usually mix. Either consider a forest garden/ edible garden setup instead, or embrace a wilder looking lawn.